Friday, December 16, 2011

Ice Skating

Chris and I love to Ice Skate!!
We always have a great time together!

That night we walked the Marina Bay where we live!
Love the quiet and outstanding view with our camera's night vision!

Oakland, Bay Bridge, San Francisco....San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge...
Great views from the Marina! Gotta Love it!


This thanksgiving we made the trip up to Oregon to visit with Grandma Bird!!! So fun!!! Lots of games, food, lettuce under the jello, snacking, naps, and of course bowling, black friday sales, and pictures!!!

Let the bowling begin!!!

Holiday Sales!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party

Christopher's 27th birthday was this week!! All day he was thinking that it didn't feel like his birthday because he had to work all day. He was shocked when he came home! I had put together a surprise birthday party with some friends from the area. The surprise turned out good and we all had a great time!!

Of all the millions of husbands I could have gotten,
I ended up with YOU BABE!!
How's that for being lucky!!?
I love you and hope your birthday was special this year!!!
Twenty-Seven years (and counting) of good luck!!!

Date Night!

Life has been busy around here! Chris has been working a ton of overtime!! I've been busy as well with school and work. I'm taking 16 units this semester, 4 Architectural/Engineering classes and a Calculus class. Balancing projects has been a little difficult with teachers who decide on presentation day to change everything! Two teachers, same day!

On my way home from school the power went out on BART when I was on it! I called Chris and his crew who were finishing up their work day and let him know what was going on. A few minutes later his crew were called to work overtime and ended up being the PG&E crew to come out and fix the power!

Chris had a week off from emergency calls and was actually bored this last week! He's not used to coming home early and relaxing all evening! He didn't know what to do with himself while I was working and doing homework.

He ended up surprising me by showing up at my work at the end of my shift in a suit and tie and came and stood in my line. I couldn't believe it! Total shocker to see him since he had been gone almost constantly the weeks and month before!

Chris had gotten a hair cut, went to mall, got showered and dressed, and had come to pick me up for a hot date! On our date at Chili's he gave me a new wedding ring. Our waitress thought that he had just proposed, sooo funny!!

I love surprise date nights!!

Living On The Bay

Chris and I absolutely love our home! Living on the Bay is amazing! Whether it's sunny, breezy, rainy or cloudy it's always beautiful! The view is great, Oakland on the left and San Francisco on the right and the water view right in front of you! There is the Bay Trail and tons of parks, we live across from Rosie the Riveter Natl Park and right down the street from a 4 star restaurant, right on the water!

People keep asking for pics of our place so here they are! I got a lot of good deals and searched really hard for the nicest and cheapest place close to Chris's work! We were both really excited when I found this place!

2 bed/2bath with views and 2 minutes from his work, and it came in at the same price as all of the studio apartments in the same area without views! I love good deals!


Living Room: Free Entertainment Center! I Love Free!

Dining and Living Room Combo

Free couch, free end tables and coffee table... table and chairs....
I love getting great deals!!

Our second bedroom that Chris has decided he's going to
be taking over for a workout room.

The views from our balcony and Bay Trail..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Chris started his new job with PG&E in April!

His hiring process and training have been tough!!!

Chris trained for months to pass their hiring process, including installing two poles in his Dad's backyard to climb and train on.

I helped Chris train by timing him, after a little while I wanted a shot and tried to compete with him. I tried - but I could only get the heavy pole a foot or so off the ground by using all my weight (which I found out as he was laughing and timing me that I was cheating by doing so).

When Chris finally got his time to test he didn't end up using any of his free practice tests, he just went and did it in record breaking time! The instructors were amazed and wrote down his scores. The testing process began with about 4,000 guys and ended with 100 being hired. The 100 guys that were hired were put into groups for further training. Because Chris did so well, he was put in the first group of guys to begin training.

For the last couple months Chris has been training in San Ramon and Livermore, CA. Everyday they are given booklets to study and memorize for their daily tests. If the guys do not get over 89% they are fired. Over this last month, Chris's group of new hires has dwindled from 25 down to 13 guys - including himself. I am soo proud of Christopher!

PG&E only keeps the best!

I am still working and going to school. Recently I changed my major from Nursing to Architectural Engineering with an emphasis on Environmental Green Design. I just finished my semester of school with all A's and a 4.0!

It's a very good thing Chris and I know how to work and study hard!

But we know how to have fun too!

For our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary in April, Christopher and I
went to the San Francisco Bay and checked out some scenes!

We started with visiting the San Francisco Bay Aquarium!

Walking through the underground aquarium was a lot of fun,
even though Chris was disappointed that he didn't
get to see a shark eat any fish or prey.

A Large Shark!

Jelly Fish!

Tons of Fish!

PG&E contributes to the Aquarium by maintaining the top level of the aquarium which houses an exhibit on how individuals can help the environment, as well as a petting zoo.


Chris touching a star fish in the tidal pool!

Sarah touching a sting ray and tiger fish!

Upstairs in the petting area we learned about different types of marine, mammal, insects and bug life, and were able to pet star fish, sting rays, and tiger fish. My favorite was the soft tiger fish! While we were there we participated in the exhibit about conserving the environment, including speeches and demonstrations on recycling, and the conservation of land, water and power.

We really enjoyed the overall experience and felt that we learned a lot about animal life, as well as the conservation of our world's resources and how we are all interdependent upon each other. I used our experience there for one of my school papers and got an A. It was awesome to be able to have a fun time and get a grade out of it as well!

Afterward we walked the Fisherman's Warf, checked out where
Chris will be stationed in the Bay Area for PG&E,
dinned and went to the Oakland Temple.

Happy 4 Year Anniversary Babe!